Everyone needs a little help and kindness...

This project is being developed by the Alacrify Foundation CIC.

What Is #HelpAndKindness?

#HelpAndKindness is a project that will serve the people who live and work in Dorset.

#HelpAndKindness will be a county-wide digital directory and communications hub.
It will help to support and empower the community and world that we live in.
Our goal is to launch the first phase of the project in Spring 2019.

It aims to serve the community by:

1.            Helping to improve awareness of the support available to people within the county.

2.            Helping to improve the resilience and impact of the charity and voluntary sector.

3.            Helping to improve awareness of community needs, and of opportunities to respond to them.

4.            Helping to improve understanding of the impact of the charity, public and voluntary sector on the community.

#HelpAndKindness has its own project website here.