The Purpose of Alacrify Foundation CIC

Our purpose is  to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular to

  • Improve awareness of the support available within Dorset. There are many formal and informal help and support providers in Dorset, but it is often difficult to find out what is available in a specific location, or for complex needs. We will promote the awareness of these service-providers and how to access them to ensure that those who need support in the county can find the services that are relevant to them.
  • Improve the resilience and impact of the charity and voluntary sector. We will help to improve the networking between support providers in the county to increase the opportunities for collaboration between them, and enhance the mutual support available to providers from each other, and provide a route for receiving support from other agencies. This will increase the resilience and strength of the service providers, and help to increase the sustainability of their work to support people in the county.
  • Improve awareness of community needs, and of opportunities to respond to them. We will provide the means for service providers to ask for help with running and providing their services. The community will also be able to share information about unaddressed needs and explore ways to meet them. In this way the company will support the provision of help through existing service providers, and encourage responses to unaddressed needs in the community.
  • Improve the understanding of the impact of the charity, public and voluntary sector on the community. We will record who is providing support services in the county and will be able to show the coverage and impact of the charity and voluntary sector providers in the community. This information is important for many providers in showing their impact to their funders, and is also vital in finding new funding streams for services they provide. This information will support the sustainability and growth of service provision in the county.

If we successfully meet our objectives in Dorset we may widen our focus beyond the county.